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Staffan WidstrandWith my work I hope to promote
conservation, dignity and respect.
Trying to convey my own feeling of
awe over the wonders and the beauty
of the natural world, and of the
striking expressions of different
cultures. Please do take a look
through the Galleries and the Slide

These are images for life.
Hope you enjoy them.

Best regards,
Staffan Widstrand

Widstrand leads Wild Wonders workshops in 2012
Staffan Widstrand will lead a number of serious photography workshops to spectacular locations during 2012.
Better momentsVisiting the Sea Eagles in Norway 9-16 June , the Bears and Wolves in Finland 4-11 August, and the Jaguars, Giant otters and Harpy Eagles in Pantanal, Brazil in cooperation with the agency "Better Moments", which specialises in top-level photo workshops all over the world.
The arrangement is made in cooperation with Wild Wonders of Europe.

Bear watching in Finland - Danish version (PDF)
Finland Wildlife Workshop 2012 (PDF)
Finland Wildlife Workshop Pricing 2012 (PDF)
Norway Wildlife Workshop 2012 (PDF)
Norway Wildlife Workshop Pricing 2012 (PDF)

Wild Wonders of Europe will also go to Svalbard together with PolarQuest.
PolarQuest Florian Möllers, Magnus Lundgren and Maurizio Biancarelli- part of the Wild Wonders of Europe´s Dream Team of top European wildlife photographers will do presentations, lectures and workshops on Svalbard in 2012.
Downloadable pdf:s with more information about the Svalbard tours:
In English and In Swedish

Wild Wonders of Eurupe Wild Wonders of Europe is about saving the amazing natural wonders of our continent, by showing their beauty and charm to the 700 million Europeans and the World!

We also point at the disasters that are about to happen and what needs to be done about it. A communication campaign with its main output starting in 2010 - The International Year of Biodiversity

I am proud to invite you to our website and to take part of the results from the biggest nature photo based conservation project in the world!


Rewilding EuropeRewilding Europe is about making Europe a wilder place.With much more space for wildlife, wilderness and wild values. Bringing the variety of life back to Europe's abandoned lands. Exploring new ways for people to earn a fair living from the wild. Suggesting a new vision for nature conservation in Europe, allowing the natural processes to go back to work. Letting the native, large wild herbivores come back in numbers.

Rewilding Europe aims to rewild at least one million hectares/10,000 sq km of Europe by 2020, consisting of ten areas, each with a minimum of 100,000 ha/1,000 sq km, which together reflect a wide selection of European regions and ecosystems, flora and fauna. Including areas of both land and sea, with each then showing a substantial wildlife comeback, supported by reintroductions where necessary.
These areas will serve as front-runners and inspiration for a large-scale shift in land use across Europe towards more nature-based economies.

Proud and Founding member of the International League of Conservation Photographers 


Wild Wonders of Europe

Wild Wonders of Europe
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Latest News

Widstrand in radio interview
Published: 2013-09-10

Staffan Widstrand talks to Nick Chipperfield at Radio Sweden about the Wild Wonders of Europe outdoor exhibition in Stockholm, nature conservation and the wildlife comeback.
Lecture and guided tour in Stockholm
Published: 2013-09-05

Ekologigruppen has organized an evening of Wild Wonders in Stockholm Tuesday September 17, where Staffan Widstrand will give an inspirational talk and show images, followed by a guided tour of the Wild Wonders of Europe outdoor exhibition on Raoul Wallenbergs Torg.

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